Best Time to Travel Nepal

General touristic season in Nepal is between March-May and September-November. The season is divided into two distinctive time frames as Spring Season and Autumn Season. During this time of the year weather is almost predictable. Find out various highlights of Spring and Autumn season in Nepal.

Spring Season (March-May)

  • Longer Days
  • Various Flowers Blooming time including Rhododendron
  • Green lush vegetations at its alluring best
  • High Chances of wildlife sightings during jungle safari tour
  • Holi Festival
  • Nepal New Year
  • Warmer days and cooler nights

Autumn Season (September-October)

  • Clearer Skies as Monsoon ends
  • Best scenic view of mountains, hills and forests
  • After Monsoon the landscape becomes very picturesque and is considered perfect for photography
  • Nepal’s biggest festivals Dashain and Tihar
  • Vibrant Trekking Routes filled with many trekkers

Though these two seasons are considered as best time to travel Nepal, you can plan your holiday in Nepal throughout the year. During January and February also the views are very good but experience the cold weather. However, quite trekking routes might attract people who love tranquil holiday experience.