Foods and Accommodation

Staple meal of Nepalese people is “Dal Bhat Tarkari Achar”. Because of the vast differences in geographical and climatic aspects in Nepal the food too varies. Though various regional people they have their own region based food the staple dish has been Dal Bhat Tarkari Achar Dhindo for years.

Mo:Mo: which is somewhat similar to dumplings is the most popular fast food followed by Nepalese style Chowmein. Mo:Mo: is flour based food with meat/vegetables stuffed inside and steamed. It can be eaten fried or kotheyed as well. Chowmein is Chinese Stir Fried Noodles prepared in Nepalese style. These two are the most famous food for locals as well as foreigners.

If you love some spicy food then try Newari dishes (Chhoyela, Kachila, Bhatmas Sadheko, Jibro, Kalejo, Pokho, Bhuttan, Sekuwa etc.). Thakali dishes and Vegetarian Marwadi foods are also equally popular.

If you want to quench hunger with world class menus then you can find best restaurants for this too. The most interesting thing is that you can find some of the menu items from Chinese cuisine, Continental cuisine and French Italian cuisine in remote trekking regions too.

As for the accommodation the hotels/lodges/teahouse/guesthouse are available in various categories. Accommodation ranges from budget to luxury in Nepal. The highest ranked hotels are five stars and boutique hotels. During remote area trekking in Nepal trekkers might have to adjust at basic teahouses or community house. In some places tents are also used for the accommodation.