River Rafting

Though the country is small Nepal is the second richest country for water resources.  Swift River paves way for White Water River Rafting in Nepal. White water rapids are considered as the best for adventure sports like rafting and kayaking. Countries like Finland, Norway and New Zealand are famous for such water sports activities. Nepal too has many graded rapids where these adventure sports can flourish. No wonder numerous foreigners come to Nepal for such activities. Nowadays Rafting Tour has been famous for locals as well. Himalayan First Adventure offers children centered to extreme adventure centered rafting packages.  

Major rivers for Rafting Tour in Nepal are Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, Marshyangdi, Seti and Tamakoshi. These rivers are graded into various categories. Among these rivers Bhotekoshi and Marshyangdi are classed difficult while Trishuli is regarded as all eligible rivers. If you are in a vacation with your family then Trishuli River rafting can be an awesome activity to do. Mild rapids and picturesque rural setting on one side then highway in another side of river endow mesmerizing scenery too. Adrenaline rushes and into the wild feeling coincides together. For the seasoned rafters and also for those seeking for extreme challenge Bhotekoshi River Rafting in Nepal is highly recommended. Tourists can accommodate these rafting activities together with activities like Chitwan Jungle Safari and Pokhara City Tour. Extreme adventure vacation package can also be done with Bungee in Nepal together with Rafting. If you love to visit Pokhara, do rafting and perform bungee then it is feasible in Pokhara. En-route to Pokhara for tour you can do rafting in Trishuli River. The trip can be overnight or as a day tour also.

Get splashes of water as you gallop through the daunting rapids of glacial rivers. Be friend with locals and encounter the great Nepalese white water rapids via Rafting Tour in Nepal.