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Plethora of touristic places of Nepal has been attracting thousands of tourists. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and Bandipur are famous touring places while Everest Khumbu, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Off the Beaten Paths are famous for trekking. Himalayan First Adventure offers diversified dynamic packages. On course of providing natural splendors and clamor of magnificent city life Pokhara City Tour in Nepal package is an ideal choice for travelers. Witness the attractions beyond your imaginations. Caves, museum, waterfalls, temples, lakes and viewpoint make Pokhara one of the vibrant touristic towns of Nepal.

One can’t imagine the amount of diversified activities that can be done during Pokhara City Tour. Nowhere in the world you will be able to tour inside cave and perform boating in single day’s trip. Unlike in other places for the private tours people will be able to explore mountain museum and view the mysterious water falls in one day tour. The activities which are very famous in Pokhara are boating in Phewa Lake. The lake has Talbarahi Temple placed like an Island and the mirage image of Mt. Machhapuchhre on it looks absolutely amazing. Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave (Chamere Gufa) are two iconic caves of Pokhara where one can witness pitched dark underworld. Davis Falls is another touristic place of Pokhara where you will be astounded by the vanishing water once it hits the ground. Mountain museum showcases ancient times of lifestyle from different countries including mountaineering history of Everest. After all these city attractions tourists can relax and enjoy tranquility in Peace Pagoda. Magnificent view of Pokhara city, mountains and hills endow eternal peace. In evening the clamor of eateries, bars and shops in Lakeside Pokhara is the vivacious treat to savor.

Book the Pokhara City Tour and travel uniquely. Investment in this Nepal tour package could be worthwhile as you will be able to experience various touristic attractions in short vacation period. If time permits or if you want to add wilderness adventure feeling then paragliding, ultra flight, bungee and zip flying can also be done in Pokhara. Remember Himalayan First Adventure for amazing tour in Nepal. 

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